“Make Your Move” Nostalgia – Poster and Video

The release of Make Your Move starring Derek Hough as Donny and BoA Kwon as Aya has come and gone, yet some fans tend to reminisce. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

Here’s a new poster (to us) that has surfaced. If you were a fan, doesn’t it just make you want to see the movie again?  And below, how about watching Derek Hough and listening to the song he wrote, Let Me In?

"Make Your Move" Poster


Buy the “Make Your Move” Official Soundtrack on iTunes NOW!

make-your-move OST

The very much anticipated MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtrack is finally here! Buy it here on iTunes for $11.99! Below is a tracklist of the soundtrack and be sure to listen to all the samples of the songs on iTunes. We are sure you are going to love it as much as we do!


Please write a review on iTunes if you love this soundtrack and spread the word about it and, of course, MAKE YOUR MOVE opening on April 18!

Also, if you haven’t already, watch the beautiful music video for “Let Me In” with new footage of Derek Hough and BoA. =)

BoA Introduces ‘Let Me In’ Music Video on Naver to Korean Audiences

BoA Naver LMI

BoA has made a video introducing the music video ‘Let Me In’ to Korean audiences! The video was released on Naver, South Korea’s largest internet search engine. Doesn’t BoA look absolutely gorgeous in it?! =)

Click here to watch the BoA’s introduction followed by the full ‘Let Me In’ music video!

BoA Naver LMI 2

Don’t forget you can purchase ‘Let Me In’ right now on iTunes and pre-order the MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack which will be released on April 7!

By the way, MAKE YOUR MOVE was the NUMBER 1 trending topic on Naver today according to this tweet by @uzzielsama! Woo-hoo!!

Screencaps of the Official “Let Me In” Music Video with Derek Hough and BoA


To enlarge the photos below, just click on them and a manual slideshow will appear.

To hear the official music video of Let Me In, written by Derek Hough, Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman, click here. To purchase the song on iTunes, go here. You can also pre-order the official soundtrack.


Behind-the-Scenes With Derek Hough and BoA on “MAKE YOUR MOVE”!

MAKE YOUR MOVE’S official Instagram account is posting all these cool behind-the-scenes photos and videos of Derek Hough and BoA! Be sure to follow makeyourmovemovie on Instagram to make you don’t miss any of their photos and videos!

ETA (04/09/2014):

Derek and BoA rehearsing for ‘Now We Know’!


Derek and BoA rehearsing their finale dance!

Derek rehearsing his tap dancing. This is AWESOME!!!

BoA and Derek rehearsing their bar dance.

Tabitha teaching BoA moves for a Cobu scene.

Derek rehearsing for the bar dance.

And of course, the BEST behind-the-scenes video of all! Just watch it over and over again… 😉

Finally It’s Here!! The “Let Me In” Music Video feat. Derek Hough and BoA! Make Your Move out April 18!

Derek Hough filming 'Let Me In' music video #6

Derek Hough filming ‘Let Me In’ music video #6

This morning Billboard Online exclusively shared the highly anticipated “Let Me In” music video in this new article! The video features new scenes of Derek Hough in a recording studio, behind the scenes footage of Derek and BoA rehearsing, and scenes from the movie. Below is an except from the Billboard article:

The lead single off the film’s accompanying soundtrack is the euphoric dance-pop track “Let Me In,” performed by songwriter/producer Michael Corcoran who’s helmed theme songs and tracks for movies and TV shows like “Sam & Cat,” “Victorious” and more. The song was co-written by Corcoran, TV/film songwriter Eric Goldman and Hough himself.

The video is simple, beautifully shot, and exquisitely portrays the romance and chemistry between Donny and Aya! Hope you love the music video as much as we do and share it with all your friends and family!

Don’t forget to buy “Let Me In” on Itunes right now and pre-order the MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack out April 7!

Pre-Order the “Make Your Move” Official Soundtrack on iTunes!

03282014 Korean Website b

UPDATE: Just saw this on the official Make Your Move website under the updated ‘Making the Music’ section:

Soundtrack Update

Did you notice that ‘Let Me In’ is a DUET between BoA and Michael Corcoran now??? Just bought the song off of iTunes and that version is just Michael Cocoran. However, there has been chatter over the internet that BoA’s version of ‘Let Me In’ will be included on the CD. We hope that we will be able to listen and buy the full version from BoA someday. In the meantime, support MAKE YOUR MOVE by purchasing ‘Let Me In’ on iTunes and pre-ordering the official soundtrack which releases on April 7! Buy here!

UPDATE: We just found out that the MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtrack IS available to pre-order at the U.S. iTunes store!You can pre-view all the songs on your iTunes app. Isn’t this exciting!!!Here is a link to preorder it: MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack on iTunes.

One of our twitter followers @_tiffanyhwang sent us a link that allows you to pre-order the MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtrack! However, after clicking the link, we realized that it’s only on sale through the iTunes store in Singapore! There is a choice to “change store” so you can possibly pre-order it now. We expect the record to go on pre-order sale everywhere very soon!

We found out a few days ago that the OST for MAKE YOUR MOVE is due to be released on April 7th and the first single from the soundtrack that’s going to be released is “Let Me In”, supposedly on March 31st. You can read more about the new information we found out about the soundtrack here.

03302014 Itunes Preorder

If you find the MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack available in iTunes, please let us know in the comments below or tweeting us at @MakeYourMove3D!

New Info on the “MAKE YOUR MOVE” Soundtrack — “Let Me In” Release Date on iTunes & Full Song List!

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.43.10 PM


It looks like we have a major clue to the release date for the much anticipated MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack!

Pop Reviews Now (@popreviewsnow) tweeted out the photo below today. It says that OST will be released globally through SM Entertainment (record company for BoA and almost every major K-pop superstar out there) on APRIL 7. 🙂



The movie’s love theme song “Let Me In” will be released on iTunes on Monday. We are assuming that is this upcoming Monday, March 31, which is also the day of the movie’s Los Angeles red carpet premiere. We will definitely keep you updated on Monday if we see the song for sale on iTunes! Please support and buy the song!!

Derek Hough filming 'Let Me In' Music Video for the OST

Derek Hough filming ‘Let Me In’ Music Video for the OST


We also discovered this article tonite from pop music blog MuuMuse. The blog publishes the full track list of MAKE YOUR MOVE, but the big surprise seems to be that BoA’s version of “Let Me In” is NOT included on the soundtrack. We have contacted our sources to get confirmation on this and we’ll let you know if we find anything out. We will be very sad if BoA doesn’t even have a song on her own movie’s soundtrack!

OST Song List 03272014

Read the entire article here.

For a lot more information on the MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtrack, click here and here.

POLL RESULTS: Song You Are Most Looking Forward to Hearing from Make Your Move!

Poll Results

We’ll now reveal our poll results for the song that fans are most looking forward to on the MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack!

With 91.92%, most of you are looking forward to “Let Me In” sung by BoA. There were a total of 854 votes and this song grabbed 785 of those votes!

Fave Song Poll Results 03272014

The music and lyrics were co-written by Derek Hough, Eric Goldman, and Michael Corcoran. If you didn’t know, Derek and our director, Duane Adler, filmed scenes for a music video for “Let Me In”. You can check out behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot here. We are hoping that BoA might shoot scenes for the music video when she gets to LA to attend the red carpet premiere of the movie next Monday, March 31. Let’s cross our fingers!!

However, we read some information last night from a pop music blog that BoA’s version of “Let Me In” isn’t on the official track list for the soundtrack. Read more here. We are trying to verify this information and we’ll let you know if we find anything out.

Here is a sample of BoA singing “Let Me In”.

We know that many of you are so excited for that MAKE YOUR MOVE soundtrack to be released! The soundtrack looks to be as diverse and eclectic as the cast for the movie. The OST will have songs from some of the most famous K-Pop artists out there such as TVXQ, F(x), and Girls Generation. There are songs from singer/songwriters such as Shannon LaBrie and Felicia Barton. Lastly, of course, we are going to hear BoA sing her version of the film’s love theme song ‘Let Me In’, which was co-written by her co-star, Derek Hough!

Let us know which song you are MOST looking forward to hearing in Make Your Move! Results will be revealed later this week!

For more info on the MAKE YOUR MOVE official soundtracks & song samples click here and and here for the complete music list!

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OST Update: The Complete Music List for “Make Your Move 3D”

So many have asked when the official Make Your Move soundtrack (OST) is going to be released. We still don’t have an exact date, but the good news is that it is probably early April!

In the meantime, we have the complete list of all the music from the movie for you Keep watching for the official OST though. You will find it on the Official Make Your Move site when it is released. So keep checking!

The music list below is categorized by composer(s) or artist(s).

Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman

Eric Goldman and Michael Corcoran

Eric Goldman and Michael Corcoran

Let Me In
Written by Michael Corcoran, Eric Goldman, and Derek Hough
Performed by Michael Corcoran (during the film) and BoA (during end credits).
Sample of the Song by Michael and Sample of the Song by BoA

The Road (Finer Things)
Written by Quentin Coleman, Michael Corcoran, James Desmond, John Eugenio, Eric Goldman,
and Nickesse Toney

Kings and Queens
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by Lauryn Vyce, Niki Watkins, and That Brass Band

That Brass Brand
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by That Brass Band

Cobu Girls Take Over Static
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by Don Preach and Angie Romasanta

Now We Know
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by Michael Corcoran and A-O (of the Pedestulz)
(Finale) Performed by Michael Corcoran featuring Hunny

4 on the floor
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by The LA Outfit and That Brass Band

K-Pop Artists

From Lust Til Dawn
Written by Mich Hansen, Engelina Larsen, Jose Aguirre Lopez, and Thomas Troelsen
Performed by F(x)
Sample of the Song

Say Yes
Written by Johannes Joergensen and Daneil Klein
Performed by Jessica of Girls’ Generation, Krystal of F(x), and KRIS of EXO-M
Sample of the Song

Written by Svante Halldin, Geraldo Sandell, and Emilh Tigerlantz
Performed by Henry of Super Junior-M
Sample of the Song

Runnin’ On Empty
Written by Peter Habib, March Joseph, Adam Nierow, and Yaroslav Vynnytsky
Performed by TVXQ
Sample of the Song

Cheap Creeper
Written by Michael Gusbee and Kalle Engstrom
Performed by Girls’ Generation
Sample of the Song

Yako Miyamoto

Cobu Drums

Written by Yako Miyamoto
Performed by Cobu Girls

10-12 Cobu Rehearsal
Written by Yako Miyamoto
Performed by Cobu Girls

New Club Old Drums
Written and Performed by Yako Miyamoto

Rob Knox


Written by Rob Knox
Performed by Cobu and Rob Know

Static Opening
Written and Performed by Rob Knox

Breathing Love
Written by Rob Knox, Melodye Perry, Shayon Daniels and Alex Teamer

Miki Ishikawa
Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.49.45 AM


Written by Herbie Crichlow, Miki Ishikawa, and Narinder Singh
Performed by Miki Ishikawa

Zach Danziger, Julian Michael Davis, Joseph Katsaros, or Ali Theodore

Get Em Up
Written by Zach Danziger, Julian Michael Davis, Joseph Katsaros, and Ali Theodore
Performed by Classic

Champagne Campaign
Written by Zach Danziger, Julian Michael Davis, and Ali Theodore
Performed by Ali D

Brooklyn Kings
Written by Julian Michael Davis, Alana de Fonseca, Sarai Howard, Mike Klein, and Ali Theodore
Performed by the DeeKompressors

Shannon LaBrie

Shannon LaBrie

Shannon LaBrie

You Found Me
Written and Performed by Shannon LaBrie
Sample of the Song

Felicia Barton

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.00.53 PM

Felicia Barton

Catching Shadows
Written by Amy Powers and Matthew Tishler
Performed by Felicia Barton
Sample of the Song

Tasha Schumann

Tasha Schumann

Tasha Schumann from Candy Coated Killahz

Cobu Love Theme
Written by Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman
Performed by Tasha Schumann

Light Up This City
Written by Michael Akinlabi, Dan Hartell, and Tasha Schumann
Performed by Candy Coated Killahz

Other Artists and Composers

Blues Bon Rev
Written by Ben Ellman, Robert Mercurio, Stanton Moore, Jeff Raines, and Richard Vogel
Performed by Galactic

Find My Home
Written by Ben Ellman, Robert Mercurio, Stanton Moore, Jeff Raines and Richard Vogel
Performed by Galactic

From the 10 to the 7
Written by Jay Weigel
Performed by Rebirth Brass Band

Shortie In the Back
Written by Yusef Jackson, Robert Miller, Joseph Smart, and Ali Theodore
Performed by Basko

Everybody (DPPLGNGRS Remix)
Written and Performed by IDC
Sample of the Song

Dance to the Drummer’s Beat (Bionik Remix)
Written and Performed by Herman Kelly

Here We Go (My Street)
Written by Amelia Ann Kremer High, Norah Elizabeth Kremer High, Hendrix Weigel
Performed by Mia and Nor

Burnin’ Up the Dance Floor
Written by Ricardo Campbell and Curt Harpel
Performed by Curt Harpel and KUP

Make Ya Bounce
Written by Peter Habib and Adam Nierow
Performed by Mr. Fantastic

Lite Me Up
Written by Takbir Bashir
Performed by RIBKAT featuring JOSY B

Fall For You
Written and Performed by Stephen Gordon

What Will Be
Written by Kevin Pullen
Performed by The Dunes

Chocolate Cake
Written and Performed by Chloe Leighton

Simple Simon
Written by Christopher Mercer
Performed by On Fire Music

Written by Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Deheza
Performed by School of Seven Bells

Written and Performed by Most Chill SLACKMOB