Where Are They Now? — The Stars of “Make Your Move”

Let’s catch up with the two leading stars of Make Your Move, which was released earlier this year in Korea and in the United States. If you missed the film, it is available on DVD or Blu Ray. Just for the dancing and the music from American and K-Pop artists alone, the film is so worth it.

Derek HoughDEREK HOUGH (plays Donny) – The five-time champ of Dancing With the Stars and Emmy Award winner in choreography is back for his 14th season. Derek’s partner for the season  Bethany Mota, a young You Tube vlogger with millions of subscribers. Recently Derek and Bethany had the opportunity to perform to Gene Kelly’s iconic song, Singin’ In the Rain. Click here for more details, and a video of the performance.

Derek is also going to appear in four episodes of the popular ABC show Nashville. Derek will appear for the first time on October 8 in an episode entitled, “I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life.” Below is a promo of his appearance.


BoA KwonBOA KWON (plays Aya) – BoA has been involved in a comeback tour in Japan, the release of a new single,”Masayume Chasing”, as well as a new album entitled, Who’s Back?. Just recently, she completed a SMtown Concert in Tokyo for 2 days with other SM entertainment label mates.


In filmography, BoA is set to make her domestic film debut in a Korean movie called Big Match. The film is a techno-crime thriller about the happenings at a gambling house. In the film, she plays Soo-Kyung (a woman of mystery). The film is to be released in December 2014.



ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – All the News About “Make Your Move”


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A Tale of Two Trailers: “Make Your Move 3D” Trailers Compared

Aya and Donny

Aya and Donny

Have you recently watched the newly released Make Your Move 3D theatrical trailer and wondered if it’s different from the original? Well, yes! It most definitely is different and we thought it would be fun to count the ways. ☺

Overall, what are the differences? You may have already noticed that the new theatrical trailer is shorter than the original. In addition, there are a few new scenes, footage that now appears in a different order, and some footage that is gone completely!

Let’s take a closer look.

1.  The original trailer begins with the now familiar scene of all the events that occur at Nick’s nightclub with Nick saying, “Welcome to Static. Standing room only, five nights a week.”  This beginning is still the same. However in the new trailer, Nick speaks this as the producer credits roll.

We certainly want to give credit to the producers who have created a film in which Derek Hough and BoA Kwon have made their acting debuts in leading roles. Just in case you don’t remember who the producers are to thank for this, they are: CJ Entertainment, S.M. Entertainment, and Robert Cort Productions.


2.  As the scenes from Nick’s nightclub roll, we no longer see Donny sliding down a 2 x 4 plank with the Cobu Girls in the foreground nor do we see the bottom half of Donny in his blue jeans dancing. These scenes are gone.

3.  Remember these words across the screen of the original trailer: “SHE HAD THE PASSION” and “HE HAD THE DESIRE”?  Did you notice that that wording order is now reversed?

Not only that, they now appear much sooner into the trailer. “HE HAD THE DESIRE” comes first, followed by “SHE HAD THE PASSION”. In each case, the scenes highlighting Donny and Aya, respectively, remain.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.25.32 PM

4.  In addition to the changes in word order, some of the other words that flash across the scene throughout the original trailer have now been deleted or appear much later in the trailer.

Look here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.44.18 PM

6.  Gone, as well, is the scene in which Donny impulsively decides to add cans to his feet to dance on the bar with Aya. Nor do we see the taxi scene afterwards where Aya questions how anyone (in their right mind) could come up with an idea to put cans on his feet in the first place. This cute scene is now gone from the trailer.

Derek cans 2

7. There are newly added scenes that certainly peak our interest. At 0:54, for example, a car goes crashing into a building with an angry Aya and the Cobu girls looking on. Then at 0:56 we see police marching some people away followed by what appears at 0:57 to be Aya being taken in by police. Good additions that intensify our interest in seeing this film, right?

8.  Remember in the original trailer when Aya’s friend says, “You’ve been talking about this guy all day.” and Aya replies, “No, I haven’t”?  Gone in the new version.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.34.28 PM

9.  It’s great to know that the beautiful song, “Let Me In” (written by Derek Hough, Eric Goldman and Michael Corcoran), is still highlighed in the new trailer. In fact, both trailers end with that song… with Donny kissing Aya. Nice!

Here are the two  trailers again.

Theatrical Trailer for the United States

(released January 30, 2014)

Official Trailer for Europe

(released circa June 24, 2013)

Finally, in case you never saw it, here is the very first “teaser” that was released when the movie was still entitled: Cobu 3D. There are many familiar scenes in this version and some scenes that don’t appear in either of the new trailers. Enjoy!

Unofficial COBU 3D Teaser

(released fall 2011)

So Derek Hough and BoA Kwon fans from the United States are you ready to see this movie? It’s coming real soon! April 18, 2014, to be exact!

Be in your seats! And don’t forget to wear the 3D glasses! ☺

New “Make Your Move 3D” Theatrical Trailer To Be Shown in Select Cities This Weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.17.43 PM

A newly formatted Make Your Move 3D trailer has been released for showing in select cities this weekend (January 31 – February 2). Many of the scenes we have seen before, however in a different order, and there is new footage.

Enjoy it here, and visit the official FACEBOOK site.

The trailer is due to be shown, if all goes well, in Chicago and San Francisco/Oakland at the theaters below, and will supposedly be shown with That Awkward Moment starring Zac Efron:


  • River East 21 – Chicago
  • Barrington 30 with IMAX – South Barrington
  • Galewood Crossings 14 – Chicago
  • Gurnee Cinema IL – Gurnee
  • Carmike Muvico Rosemont 18 + MUVIXL
  • ShowPlace 16 Naperville + MUVIXL Rosemont
  • Crestwood 18 – Crestwood
  • Village Crossing 18 with IMAX – Skokie

San Francisco:

  • East Ridge Mall 15 with IMAX – San Jose
  • San Jose Oakridge 20 + XD
  • San Franscisco Centre 9 + XD
  • Century Tanforan 20 + XD – San Bruno
  • Redwood Downtown 20 + XD – Redwood City
  • Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 + IMAX – Dublin
  • Union City 25 + XD
  • San Leandro Bayfair 16
  • San Rafael Northgate 15
  • Milpitas Great Mall 20 + XD
  • Cupertino Square 16 with IMAX
  • Bay Street 16 with IMAX – Emeryville

Other cities include: New York, Los Angeles (Century City & The Grove among others), Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Vegas, Boston, DC/Baltimore, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis, Denver, Miami, St. Louis, Portland, San Diego, Charlotte, San Antonio, Austin, Fresno, Sacramento, Honolulu, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Alberqueque, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City!


“Make Your Move 3D” in Various Countries – Part III: Mainstream & Social MEDIA

As many of us eagerly await the release of Make Your Move 3D in our countries, some other countries have enjoyed the premiere and release already. We thought it would be fun to take a comparison-look at the various ways the movie has been advertised throughout those countries.

The following are the areas of consideration. We hope you are enjoying this series.

Part I – The POSTERS (Official and Fan-Made) Enjoy it here.
Part II – The TRAILERS (What’s that language?) Check it out here, and take the QUIZ. Let us know how you do.
Part III – Mainstream & Social MEDIA


Part III – Mainstream & Social MEDIA

The final part in our series on the advertising in various countries is a compilation of miscellaneous media that promotes the film, Make Your Move 3D. In this part, we will be taking a look at a variety of movie still photos, fan-made gifs, sneak peek videos, official commercials, official movie sites, movie memorabilia for fans, and media ads around the world.

Let’s get started. 🙂


The following are movie stills. These particular photos are screenshots taken by fans (probably with their phones) while watching Make Your Move 3D.

By Wucheukying
New Picture wucheukying

By Boacion

By FionFuan
New fionfuan

By Blue_Pearl
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.37.50 PM

By xloislaninga (General Translation: “You’re lucky! Someone has your back.”
Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 4.45.45 PM

Fan-Made GIFS

A GIF (Graphic Interchange File) is an animated graphic image that moves on a web page. Click on the links to see the photos moving.

# 1 – Derek and BoA Playing Around on Set (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.18.32 PM

# 2 – Make Your “Move” Scenarios (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.21.19 PM

# 3 – Donny Undresses Aya (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.22.21 PM

# 4 – Yunho Dances (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.26.55 PM

# 5 – Donny Admires Aya (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.28.02 PM

# 6 – Donny and Aya Romancing (Click here)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 9.28.55 PM



It’s neat to see Make Your Move 3D being advertised on TV. These promotions, which differ from a trailer that is produced by a movie’s marketing department or by a distribution company, promote the movie to a wider mainstream audience.

A Make Your Move 3D commercial in THAILAND. This one is fun to listen to. 🙂

This is a TV promotion of Make Your Move 3D from KOREA

Another brief commercial from KOREA for Cobu 3D, the former name for the movie.


The following are from newspapers, magazines, or movie pamphlets.
From THAILAND – An OK Magazine ARTICLE Via @kirapats

An AD – Love Is In the Dance – Via lizzyzizixoxo on Instagram

From CROATIA – Osjeti Ritam is the translation for Make Your Move) Via @puding_bunny

From MALAYSIA – A Newspaper Ad at the Golden Screen Cinema – Cinema brief here.

From THAILAND – A Movie Ad (via Jason_Bin)


Memorabilia are items given out or sold to movie goers that are considered valuable because of their nostalgic connection to the film. These include costumes, props, advertising posters, scripts, and other things. See below the kinds of things that movie goers have received from watching Make Your Move 3D.

From VIETNAM – Given out at Theaters (via @Jason_Bin)
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.41.19 PM

From THAILAND (via ecoprame)
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.11.25 PM

From THAILAND (via @jesslatui)
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.13.28 PM

From THAILAND (via @cuubb)
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.15.34 PM

From CROATIA – A TICKET for Osjeti Ritam (via @puding_bunny)


The following are a variety of advertising mediums, ranging from articles, ads, marquees, theater brochures,etc.

# 1 – From FRANCE
Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.29.31 PMTranslation by @NotEnoughHough
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 8.23.41 PM

# 2 – Movie Promotion from HONG KONG

# 3 – A Film Ad from LITHUANIA

# 4 – A Movie Rating from RUSSIA

# 5 – A Theatre Ad from VIETNAM

# 6 – A Movie Archive from THAILAND (Note: โบอา is BoA in Thai, and ดีเร็ค ฮัฟฟ์ is Derek Hough 🙂 )


Facebook has about 1.15 billion followers and has become the number one way to advertise among social media advertising. Social media advertising, itself, is quickly becoming one of the primary ways of marketing.

Fan Facebook Pictures by Chau An Nguyeb
Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 6.59.04 PM

Sundream Motion Pictures Facebook Ad

Sundream Motion Pictures Facebook Ad

Intercontinental Film Distributors Facebook Ad

The Official Make Your Move 3D Facebook Page is here.
Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.37.39 AM


This is a blog article via Soompi, which is one of the most frequently visited websites providing coverage of K-pop music and Korean pop culture. It has one of the largest international internet communities for K-pop fans. The blog below, originally taken from SBS E! Entertainment News, is about BoA’s first kissing scence. “BoA Ate RAMEN Before Her Kissing Scene”. Click here.

"BoA Ate Ramen Before Her Kissing Scene"

“BoA Ate Ramen Before Her Kissing Scene”


The following are YouTube and/or Instagram videos taken by various fans while watching Make Your Move 3D. Instagram currently has 130 million users, making it another viable way for fans to promote a movie they like.

Via aatifa sanif

Via tieu_anhhh

Via tieu_anhhh

Via Wucheukying

Via Ninescents

Thanks for joining us as we took a look at the advertising of Make Your Move 3D in various countries. For those of us who have yet to see the movie (i.e. United States and Korea) hopefully this series will hold us over until next March 28th, 2014. March will be here before we know it. 🙂

“Make Your Move 3D” in Various Countries – Part II: The TRAILERS (What’s that Language?)

As many of us eagerly await the release of Make Your Move 3D in our countries, some other countries have enjoyed the premiere and release already. We thought it would be fun to take a comparison look at the various ways the movie has been advertised throughout those countries.

The following are the areas of consideration. We hope you will enjoy this series.

Part I – The POSTERS (Official and Fan-Made) Enjoy it here.
Part II – The TRAILERS (What’s that language?)
Part III – Mainstream & Social MEDIA


Part II – The TRAILERS: What’s that Language?

In our continuing coverage of the media in various countries for Make Your Move 3D, we will now take a look at some fan-made trailers, official trailers, and also an extended teaser. Afterwards, for some fun, head on down to the bottom of the page and see if you can answer our mini-quiz, entitled: What’s that Language?


First up, let’s take a look at some of the fan-made “trailers”. Love the creativity of Derek and BoA fans!!! 🙂 See if you agree.


WHAT’Z CREW DANCE to Promote “Make Your Move 3D” by TotoWZ

A BoA FAN PROMOTES “Make Your Move 3D” by Kin Kim


Now let’s look at how a variety of movie distributors have chosen to adapt the official movie trailer in order to prepare it for the audiences in their countries. Most of the distributors of the trailers have added “subtitles” to their versions of the official English trailer.

Make Your Move 3D has 16 distributors so far, though not all of them have released the movie yet. Here is a list as recorded in the New York Times.

  • Lionsgate – Foreign Distribution Sales
  • CJ Entertainment – Foreign Distribution Sales
  • Benelux Film Distribution – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Nordisk Film – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Square One – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Universum Film GmbH – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Dutch Filmworks – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Norsk FilmDistribusjon – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Rialto Films – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • West Video – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • Acme Film – Worldwide Theatrical Distributor
  • Golden Village – Foreign Theatrical Distributor
  • CJ Entertainment – Production Company
  • S.M. Entertainment – Production Company
  • Robert Cort Productions – Production Company

We’re going to start our tour of the official trailers with one of our favorites. It’s dubbed in Russian, rather than having subtitles. So let’s get started by hearing how Donny and Aya sound to our friends in Russia. 🙂


The following trailers are for your enjoyment, if you haven’t seen them. They are subtitled. For our linguists, you’ll enjoy seeing how various languages are written and you can match the titles with the spoken words. After the trailers, head on down to the quiz. 🙂

With VIETNAMESE Subtitles

With DUTCH Subtitles (The Netherlands):

With FRENCH & DUTCH Subtitles (Belgium):

With THAI Subtitles

With CHINESE Subtitles

With CZECH Subtitles

And, of course, In ENGLISH (The Official Trailer)


If you haven’t seen it before, here’s an extended teaser in ENGLISH with VIETNAMESE subtitles by Make Your Move 3D’s director, Duane Adler. This is his description of the making of the movie. This is a shortened version of the ten-minute version shown at the K-Con Festival in Los Angeles in 2012. It gives you some background information about the movie, with comments by the lead stars, Derek Hough and BoA Kwon.


Okay, so here’s a fun QUIZ. Can you identify the languages below and what the line is from the movie? Hint: the picture might help you. 🙂 There’s a link at the bottom of the page with the answers.

1) Niet waar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.34.28 PM

2) Skočíš na bar s plechovkama na botách…Co jsi zač?


3) 我什至不知道你


4) Hộp đêm hàng đấu ở New York.


5) Ни за что

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.53.03 PM

To check your answers, click here.

New “Make Your Move 3D” Photos Have Surfaced

One of our followers on Twitter ran across this Dutch website with photos from the movie. Here are a few. For more pictures, click here. Thanks to @KanMapLavigne. 🙂

Official Poster

Official Poster (Netherlands)



UPDATED:  We just discovered a Russian movie website that has SEVERAL movie stills from ‘Make Your Move’. We are posting a few here, but make sure to visit the website to see all of them! Make Your Move Movie Stills Thanks to @BoAtheKOREA for the info on twitter!

Donny & Aya on the bar

Donny & Aya Sexy

Donny at Lafayette Subway

Donny & Aya Rose Petals

Cobu Girls Performing

Aya on the Taiko Drums

The U.S. VERSION of the Official “Make Your Move 3D” Trailer featuring Derek Hough and BoA

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.59.20 PM

Make Your Move 3D (formerly Cobu 3D) is a film starring Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars) and BoA Kwon (Korean Pop Star).  The movie also co-stars Will Yun Lee (Hawaii 5-0) and Wesley Jonathan (The Soul Man).

For a general synopsis of the movie, see our home page, and also the article, Introducing the Feuding Families of “Make Your Move” 3D.

The movie is due to be released in U.S. theaters later this year, with overseas releases this summer.