Reviews of the Incredible Dancing in Duane Adler’s “Make Your Move”

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We all know that critics can be harsh, especially when they critique a movie on what it “isn’t” rather than what it “is.” Make Your Move was released in the United States on April 18 to mixed reviews, some critics damned the film based on its the plot, while others absolutely delighted in it. Hmmmm. Well which is it?

However, thank goodnessthat most all critics agree that the dancing in this “dance” film is absolutely TOPS.  Below are some reviews for you to read about how this movie fares with the critics.  Click on the links to see the full reviews.

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From DVD Talk (July 22, 2014)

 Story-wise, there are a number of complications involving permits, gunshots, viral videos, and sibling rivalry, but Adler is wise enough to blaze through this material, keeping the focus of the film on the dance routines and the sexual chemistry. … There’s a bit of electricity coming off this thing — no guilt in taking pleasure.

Make Your Move doesn’t break ground in the world of fiction, but its high-energy, does-what’s-advertised pleasures will leave plenty of viewers tapping their feet. Recommended.

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From IMDB User Review (April 19, 2014)

“Make Your Move” is one of the best movies about dancing and expressing the feelings through the moves, about passion, hard work and, of course, love. … To say more, I was really amazed by the incredible choreography, the soundtracks were fabulous as well, and I absolutely love the cast and the crew … “Make Your Move” is an amazing movie about dancing, passion, love and so much more ….

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The Nerdist (April 19, 2014)

Duane Adler’s Make Your Move (not to be confused with Step Up, Take the Lead, Stomp the Yard, or any other dance films with an imperative verb in the title) is everything a dance film needs to be. It has dance-talented leads, a hugely charismatic lead actress, an interesting enough story, and enough dance sequences to keep the movie afloat. Indeed, there is a dance sequence in the middle of Make Your Move wherein our handsomely bland hero Donny (Derek Hough) and our chirpy and wonderful heroine Aya (Korean pop idol BoA) seduce and undress one another – in dance – as a form of foreplay. The foreplay dance is one of the best dance numbers I’ve seen in any dance film.

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From Roger (April 18, 2014)

“Make Your Move” has a pretty complicated plot, involving corporate sponsorship, event planning, career moves for dancers, visa and immigration issues, not to mention various family dramas and burgeoning romance. It’s a lot to absorb. But a movie like “Make Your Move” rests on the success of its various dance sequences, not its plot. And the dancing here is exciting, innovative, and specific.

“Make Your Move” has an underlying sweetness that serves it well. … It features a diverse cast, accurately reflecting the dance world and its inhabitants. Adler and Middleton know that when we come to a dance movie, we want a chance to see, really see, those dances. They find a way to do just that.

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From the Hollywood Reporter (April 17, 2014)

The Romeo and Juliet-inspired plotline basically serves as a framing device allowing the opportunity for a plethora of exuberant dance sequences that particularly show off Hough’s considerable talent. Although it takes a while for the main characters to hook up, Hough’s Donny seals the deal with an impromptu dance duet in which he removes his shirt to reveal his admirably chiseled torso. While the Astaire-Rogers movies used dance as a metaphor for sex, in these modern variations it’s an elaborate form of foreplay.

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From the New York Times (April 17, 2014)

Duane Adler, the writer of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” capably directs “Make Your Move,” a soapy, flashy confection that juxtaposes Mr. Hough’s tap dancing with the Japanese drumming style Taiko, tossed with liberal helpings of contemporary hip-hop moves. Mr. Hough, a “Dancing With the Stars” champion, impresses with his footwork and sufficiently fulfills his romantic-lead duties.

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From the L.A. Times (April 17, 2014)

Duane Adler’s film is a celebration of cultural hybridization. Its core dance styles are a wonderfully frenetic fusion of tap and hip-hop and a truly novel blend of Japanese taiko drumming and K-pop girl-group choreography.

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From the New York Daily News (April 17, 2014)

Director Duane Adler’s energetic dance flick is bound to be dismissed as a “Step Up” wannabe. But most of that series’ recent sequels were not as good as “Make Your Move.”

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From (April 16, 2014)

The wide variety of music and dance styles are sure to entice even the most non-dance friendly of viewers as per writer and director Duane Adler’s time-tested dance romance movie skills. The film is vivid, gorgeous, and definitely worth a watch.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 5.17.19 PM

From Arts Beat L.A. (April 1, 2014)

…You probably haven’t seen taiko drumming to dub step underscoring plus all kinds of dreamy, fluid modern and hip-hop dancing in one sweet movie, so now you can!

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Have You Seen “Make Your Move”? Loved It? Then Review It!

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BoA Talks about Derek Hough and the filming of “Make Your Move” in “1st Look” Magazine


The following are excerpts from an interview given by BoA in the Korean Magazine, 1st Look. If you can read Korean, here is the entire interview.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to HaeRan Chun for translating this interview from Korean to English.

할리우드 영화 <메이크 유어 무브>의 주인공이 됐다고 들었어요! 이런 질문을 할 수 있다는 사실이 더 놀랍네요. 게다가 감독인 듀안 에들러가 먼저 제안했다면서요?
We heard you starred in a Hollywood movie “Make Your Move”! The fact that this question can be asked is most surprising. Plus the director Duane Adler approached you first?

I was really surprised too. Usually the manager gets the script, but this time the producer gave it to me. I left that place saying I’ll think about it, but it was already decided. It was the main character of a dance movie, plus the work of a director of a movie I like.

Donny Aya Dancing

좋아하는 영화는 그럼 당연히 <스텝 업>이겠네요?
The movie you like is “Step Up”, right?

Yes. (They discuss the movie “Step Up” a bit, the director, the film shooting experience and how 3D is different than what’s she’s done before.

The Cobu Girls in "Make Your Move"

The Cobu Girls in “Make Your Move”

댄스도 암기해서 하나요?
Did you memorize the dances?

Of course. Before filming, we spent about 2-3 months on choreography. Combined with filming, we danced constantly every day for months. Because couple dancing takes a long time to get right, it is physically demanding. The male lead, Derek, had to lift me many times, and we had to get the balance right. It was physically tough, and I had to memorize a lot of English which was even tougher mentally. That’s not all. Because there are taiko drumming and tap dancing scenes, I had to learn those new things too. In addition, when we started filming, depending on the environment and situation, many things kept changing.


남자 주인공인 데릭 커프와의 호흡은 어땠나요?
How was the chemistry with the male lead Derek Hough

Acting was a first for both of us, but we had a passion for it. Derek is a native English speaker and speaks English so well that it was so surprising (laughs). He often ad-libbed and I was embarrassed. Later we became really close so I felt comfortable and had fun filming. Getting close helps the chemistry automatically.


음악할 때에도 하모니가 잘 맞으면 그 사람이 다르게 보인다는 얘기를 들었는데, 춤 호흡이 잘 맞을 때도 그런가요? 춤의 호흡이 잘 맞는다는 느낌이 뭔지도 궁금하긴 해요.
We hear that even in music if the harmony fits well then the person looks different, when the chemistry in dance fits is it the same? We’re also curious what that feels like, when the dance chemistry fits.

When the chemistry does not fit, then we don’t see each other when it’s over. But when something fits right then you make eye contact and smile. I guess I’m trying to say we smile naturally. Derek knows his likes and dislikes, so when something didn’t feel right while filming, he stopped dancing and threw me (laughs) [Editor’s note: Korean joke that does not translate into English well]. Maybe because it’s work like physical fitness, we tend to express straightforwardly. When we disagreed, we disagreed a lot. When we agreed, we liked dancing.


대체 어떻게 싸운다는 건가요?
What’s to disagree about?

Both saying the other one did it wrong. You can’t do it any other way, especially in couple dancing of a high level of difficulty.  Both have to match well so things don’t go wrong, so while you disagree you work things out exactly. I heard in couple dancing, couples really disagree like this. Really disagree a lot , and really love a lot. Dance harmony has this kind of appeal.

Donny and Aya at Donny's House

보아에게 직접 듣고 싶네요. 이 영화의 스토리를요.
We want to hear in your own words what the story is about.

The film is about how two friends who grew up in different environments and different countries learn to understand each other through dance, and of a budding romance. Can I tell the ending? (laughs)

1. What are these two people doing?

1. What are these two people doing?

스토리와 함께 흘러가는 춤 스토리는 어때요?
How is the dancing that goes along with the story?

Two people who dance well meet. “There is a friend who has a passion for dance similar to me”. From here, there is a spark. And there is a high-intensity couple-dancing on the dance floor.

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Derek Hough and BoA’s Movie, “Make Your Move”, Promises to Raise the Roof – Yes, indeed!


Duane Adler is the screenwriter and director for Make Your Move 3D, as well as, the author of the hugely popular movies Save The Last Dance and the Step-Up series. These latter two movies were two of the film industry’s top-grossing dance movies and two of the top highest-grossing teen romance movies ever. Will Make Your Move earn similar honors in the United States for Adler? We sure hope so , because the film promises to raise the roof (i.e. generate lots of enthusiasm and excitement) with a unique feature that none of Adler’s other dance films have had! 🙂

Adler was inspired to write the screenplay based on a performance by a remarkable and extraordinary group of dancers that he had seen in New York in 2006. The distinctive dance form is called Cobu dancing — and the exceptional group is called COBU.

Adler’s creative visual conception became a screenplay named Cobu 3D, later changed to Make Your Move.


COBU Dancing

Unlike any other category of dance we’ve seen before, Cobu dancing combines funky, rhythmic tap dancing, with taiko drumming, and a touch of Hip Hop added in. It was founded in 2002 by Yako Miyamoto and she appears in Make Your Move, along with one of her authentic COBU dancers, Haruna Hisada. In the film, Miyamoto and Hisada join other dancers to play the role as the film’s ‘Cobu Girls’. The additional dancers are actors in the film and not a part of Miyamoto’s New York COBU ensemble.

Duane Adler and "COBU" Founder, Yako Miyamoto

Duane Adler and “COBU” Founder, Yako Miyamoto

COBU has won awards for its distinctive choreography and recently had the opportunity to display its talent at a Knicks basketball game in Madison Square Garden in New York City. What a wonderful way to showcase Cobu dancing to the general public. The Knicks usually yield attendance of around 19,000 people!


COBU in Madison Square Garden (New York City)

The brief video below demonstrates the excitement that is created by COBU when it performs LIVE.

Throughout Make Your Move, moviegoers will have the chance to see the execution of enthusiastically performed Cobu dancing. In the film’s storyline, the Cobu Girls, headed by main character ‘Aya’, dance and drum at an underground nightclub named Oto, which is owned by Aya’s brother, Kaz.

The Cobu Girls in "Make Your Move"

The Cobu Girls in “Make Your Move”

From Left to Right: Rei, Kaori, Aya (top), Natsumi, Suzuka, Gina

From Left to Right: Rei, Kaori, Aya (top), Natsumi, Suzuka, Gina

What is the derivative of the name Cobu? Miyamoto explains on her website that Cobu is translated from Japanese as: “Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing”. This description is quite apt, based on Cobu’s distinctive combination of dance and drums.

Donny's Tap Shoes and the Cobu Girl's Taiko Drums.

“Dance Like Drumming; Drum Like Dancing.” – Donny’s Tap Shoes / The Cobu Girl’s Drums

In Make Your Move, the drums that Aya and her friends play are called taiko drums. Taiko means “big/fat drum” and is a type of instrument used in Japanese drum performances. As a rule, they are struck with a wooden stick called a “bachi”. There are many forms of bachi and they can have jingles, rattles, tassels, and/or other types of shiny decorations. For more information about taiko drums, read here.


COBU Group

Tap dancing is historically attributed to the African slave culture. African slaves in America were prohibited from dancing with their usual exuberance and did not have access to their native drums. They replaced their drumming with clapping and their dance movements with foot tapping. Over time tap dancing was developed and became popularized through the performances of tappers such as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, the Nicholas Brothers, and Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson.

Top: Bill "Bogangles", Gene Kelly - Bottom: Fred Astaire, the Nicholas Brothers

Top: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Gene Kelly – Bottom: Fred Astaire, the Nicholas Brothers

The instagram video below shows Aya and the Cobu Girls performing Cobu dancing, “dancing like drumming and drumming like dancing”, during one scene of Make Your Move. Notice how appropriate this description is.

Cobu #makeyourmove #cobu #boa

A post shared by Mark aka マーク808-METAL 🤘 (@mbrwhs) on

Instagram Credit: rbrwhs (Rollie Ildefonso)

Compare the fictitious Cobu Girls above with the authentic COBU group below. Quite similar, as you shall see. 🙂

When Make Your Move is released in your town, we hope you will enjoy watching all the really cool Cobu dancing scenes. Let’s hope they really do raise the roof and spur this movie on to become one of Adler’s most highly rated films. 🙂

Gif Credit:

A Tale of Two Trailers: “Make Your Move 3D” Trailers Compared

Aya and Donny

Aya and Donny

Have you recently watched the newly released Make Your Move 3D theatrical trailer and wondered if it’s different from the original? Well, yes! It most definitely is different and we thought it would be fun to count the ways. ☺

Overall, what are the differences? You may have already noticed that the new theatrical trailer is shorter than the original. In addition, there are a few new scenes, footage that now appears in a different order, and some footage that is gone completely!

Let’s take a closer look.

1.  The original trailer begins with the now familiar scene of all the events that occur at Nick’s nightclub with Nick saying, “Welcome to Static. Standing room only, five nights a week.”  This beginning is still the same. However in the new trailer, Nick speaks this as the producer credits roll.

We certainly want to give credit to the producers who have created a film in which Derek Hough and BoA Kwon have made their acting debuts in leading roles. Just in case you don’t remember who the producers are to thank for this, they are: CJ Entertainment, S.M. Entertainment, and Robert Cort Productions.

2.  As the scenes from Nick’s nightclub roll, we no longer see Donny sliding down a 2 x 4 plank with the Cobu Girls in the foreground nor do we see the bottom half of Donny in his blue jeans dancing. These scenes are gone.

3.  Remember these words across the screen of the original trailer: “SHE HAD THE PASSION” and “HE HAD THE DESIRE”?  Did you notice that that wording order is now reversed?

Not only that, they now appear much sooner into the trailer. “HE HAD THE DESIRE” comes first, followed by “SHE HAD THE PASSION”. In each case, the scenes highlighting Donny and Aya, respectively, remain.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.25.32 PM

4.  In addition to the changes in word order, some of the other words that flash across the scene throughout the original trailer have now been deleted or appear much later in the trailer.

Look here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.44.18 PM

6.  Gone, as well, is the scene in which Donny impulsively decides to add cans to his feet to dance on the bar with Aya. Nor do we see the taxi scene afterwards where Aya questions how anyone (in their right mind) could come up with an idea to put cans on his feet in the first place. This cute scene is now gone from the trailer.

Derek cans 2

7. There are newly added scenes that certainly peak our interest. At 0:54, for example, a car goes crashing into a building with an angry Aya and the Cobu girls looking on. Then at 0:56 we see police marching some people away followed by what appears at 0:57 to be Aya being taken in by police. Good additions that intensify our interest in seeing this film, right?

8.  Remember in the original trailer when Aya’s friend says, “You’ve been talking about this guy all day.” and Aya replies, “No, I haven’t”?  Gone in the new version.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.34.28 PM

9.  It’s great to know that the beautiful song, “Let Me In” (written by Derek Hough, Eric Goldman and Michael Corcoran), is still highlighed in the new trailer. In fact, both trailers end with that song… with Donny kissing Aya. Nice!

Here are the two  trailers again.

Theatrical Trailer for the United States

(released January 30, 2014)

Official Trailer for Europe

(released circa June 24, 2013)

Finally, in case you never saw it, here is the very first “teaser” that was released when the movie was still entitled: Cobu 3D. There are many familiar scenes in this version and some scenes that don’t appear in either of the new trailers. Enjoy!

Unofficial COBU 3D Teaser

(released fall 2011)

So Derek Hough and BoA Kwon fans from the United States are you ready to see this movie? It’s coming real soon! April 18, 2014, to be exact!

Be in your seats! And don’t forget to wear the 3D glasses! ☺

New “Make Your Move 3D” Theatrical Trailer To Be Shown in Select Cities This Weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 6.17.43 PM

A newly formatted Make Your Move 3D trailer has been released for showing in select cities this weekend (January 31 – February 2). Many of the scenes we have seen before, however in a different order, and there is new footage.

Enjoy it here, and visit the official FACEBOOK site.

The trailer is due to be shown, if all goes well, in Chicago and San Francisco/Oakland at the theaters below, and will supposedly be shown with That Awkward Moment starring Zac Efron:


  • River East 21 – Chicago
  • Barrington 30 with IMAX – South Barrington
  • Galewood Crossings 14 – Chicago
  • Gurnee Cinema IL – Gurnee
  • Carmike Muvico Rosemont 18 + MUVIXL
  • ShowPlace 16 Naperville + MUVIXL Rosemont
  • Crestwood 18 – Crestwood
  • Village Crossing 18 with IMAX – Skokie

San Francisco:

  • East Ridge Mall 15 with IMAX – San Jose
  • San Jose Oakridge 20 + XD
  • San Franscisco Centre 9 + XD
  • Century Tanforan 20 + XD – San Bruno
  • Redwood Downtown 20 + XD – Redwood City
  • Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 + IMAX – Dublin
  • Union City 25 + XD
  • San Leandro Bayfair 16
  • San Rafael Northgate 15
  • Milpitas Great Mall 20 + XD
  • Cupertino Square 16 with IMAX
  • Bay Street 16 with IMAX – Emeryville

Other cities include: New York, Los Angeles (Century City & The Grove among others), Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Vegas, Boston, DC/Baltimore, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis, Denver, Miami, St. Louis, Portland, San Diego, Charlotte, San Antonio, Austin, Fresno, Sacramento, Honolulu, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Alberqueque, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City!


An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Duane Adler, “Make Your Move 3D” Screenwriter and Director

Our team here at Make Your Move Fans was fortunate enough to secure an exclusive interview with Duane Adler, the screenwriter and director of Make Your Move 3D. Duane was also the screenwriter for the popular Step Up movies and Save The Last Dance. Here is more information about him.

Our team gathered questions that we thought would interest our followers and Duane’s responses have proven to be thoughtful, reflective, and insightful. The interview will be presented in the following parts:

  • Part I – The Film
  • Part II – The Cast
  • Part III – The Music
  • Part IV – The Film Promotion


Here is the first of the four parts. Enjoy! 🙂

Part I – The Film

Make Your Move Fans: Make Your Move 3D was described as a passion project for you. You waited 7 years to create it and made it your directing debut. Why was this movie so important for you to make?

Duane: I love dance and music as art forms, they both truly speak an international language.  Several of the movies I’ve been part of have been dance movies, and I’m lucky the audience has received those films so well, and been inspired by them.  When I was in the early stage of writing MYM, I made the decision I needed to be the director, so I could have more tools to tell my story. I wanted the dance itself to harken back a bit to more classic dance movies, meaning each time a dance number occurred, we were moving the characters or story forward (or sometimes backward), but I never wanted the movie to feel like the story stopped and characters started dancing.  I also wanted the dance to be bathed in a feeling of romance, of courtship and love.  I was very passionate about that. It’s one thing to write that goal/description, however, it’s another to discuss with your choreographers and actors and DP and costume designer, etc. and shape the movie around those ideas.  I wanted to have those conversations!  And I also felt we hadn’t seen a dance film with an international cast like this, certainly not one driven by a love story like ours.  It’s very important to me that my projects represent a version of the world we live in, a truly multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world.

Duane Adler #5

Duane Adler with “Make Your Move 3D’s” Cobu Girls

Make Your Move Fans: It has been widely reported that Yako Miyamoto’s COBU group inspired this film. How did you arrive at the idea to connect a COBU group to a Romeo and Juliet themed film? They hardly seem similar.

Duane: Many years ago (before MYM existed in any form), I was pitching a tap dance movie.  I love tap and it has been an underused art form for decades.  That project did not sell.  In a separate project, I was trying to do a multi-cultural love story about an American boy and a Japanese girl.  That project was a drama with music, a bit of a “Romeo & Juliet” angle, but it was not a dance movie.  It did not sell either!  One day, I’m sitting at my computer licking my wounds over these projects not getting a chance, and I’m going, “How do I marry these two ideas together?” because I really thought there was something there.  I knew I wanted to use tap dance, so I asked myself, “What is a musical instrument that lends itself to Japanese culture?”  I immediately thought of the taiko drum, so I literally Googled “tap funk dance taiko drum” – and I discovered Yako’s group COBU out of NYC!  There were some super cool video clips and her website, I watched her work and was mesmerized!  I contacted her and said, “I love your work, can we meet?”  I flew to NYC, saw them perform, had a great conversation and I told her, “The movie industry takes a loooong time, this will not happen quickly!”  I warned her!  Ha!  It has taken a while but it’s been worth it.  I wanted each of our two leads, Donny (Derek) and Aya (BoA), to have their own unique dance, a form of dance that was their own “language,” him with tap and her with the drums.  But Aya and her group in the film are not only drummers, they are like musicians, they use the drums and tap shoes and hip hop music – Donny then is captivated by her and her style and confidence.  And ironically, he’s found in her, a foreign girl, someone who “speaks his language” in dance.  Yako Miyamoto has an enormous confidence and courage in what she does, so that courage certainly carried over to inspire in part the character Aya.

Duane Adler, Tabitha D'umo, Derek Hough, and Napoleon D'umo (Nappytabs)

Duane Adler, Tabitha D’umo, Derek Hough, and Napoleon D’umo (Nappytabs)

Make Your Move Fans: Is there anything that you would do differently now that the film is finalized?

Duane: Every movie takes on its own identity, much of that identity is obviously born out of the director’s vision, and part is born out of your production schedule and budget limitations, out of your collaboration with other filmmakers on the film (and by filmmaker I mean from producers to casting to choreographers to DP to editor down to the daily crew, we’re all filmmakers) and the cast – if one element of any of those things is different, it could result in a completely different movie. So in that regard I’d say no, I worked with some amazing people to see this movie realized and I’m proud of what we all worked so tirelessly to create.


Make Your Move Fans: Are you surprised at how well the film has done in Europe where the main stars, Derek Hough, BoA Kwon, Will Yun Lee, and Wesley Jonathan are not widely known, if at all?

Duane: I think you’re always surprised and grateful when your film finds an audience and that audience responds positively.  To me, if someone in the audience walks away inspired and moved, and entertained, we’ve done our job!  I’m very proud of our cast, they worked incredibly hard and they are all enormously talented and diverse. Derek, BoA, Will, and Wesley are smart, wonderful people, and I think that comes across onscreen, along with their individual uniqueness.  All those traits combined will hopefully speak (and do speak) volumes to our audience watching in any language.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 5.28.12 PM

Make Your Move Fans: People are comparing Make Your Move 3D to the Step Up movies. Is that a fair comparison?

Duane: I’ve been fortunate to be part of some amazing filmmaking teams on other dance movies, specifically “Save the Last Dance” and of course “Step Up,” so I think my involvement on MYM is going to start that comparison.  I think our dance and our story is unique to itself, though, and I think audiences will find that true when they see the film.  Our dance and dance fusion styles are unlike any of the other dance films, and the multi-cultural love story is a further fusion, plus it’s a love story we don’t often see on film. MYM has an underdog story, too, and shares the story of characters who dream of better lives and goals.  Those are human themes that resonate well in film, and inspire audiences when watching, whether it’s MYM or “Step Up” or a number of other wish-fulfilling premises.  “Step Up” films are unique; I like to think MAKE YOUR MOVE is equally uniquely its own.

Part II of Duane’s interview (The Cast) will follow shortly.

Derek Hough to Guest Judge on Popular Korean Dance Show “DANCING 9”

It looks like Derek Hough is going to be introduced to Korean audiences prior to the release of “Make Your Move 3D”! Thanks to some fans on twitter, we learned that Derek is a guest judge on a popular Korean dance show competition called Dancing 9.

This tweet released by the official twitter account of the TV show shares a photo of Derek, along with Jon Chu (director of Step Up movies), and Christopher Scott (hip-hop choreographer) as part of a *global jury*. We assume they are guest judges for contestants auditioning for the show in the United States.

Dancing 9

We are wondering if this guest appearance on a popular Korean TV show is the start of promotion for “Make Your Move 3D” in Korea because the tweet mentions Derek as BoA’s co-star in her movie. We think it’s a great idea to start introducing Derek to Korean audiences!

For more information on Dancing 9, visit their official website here:

If anyone has anymore info on Derek’s guest appearance, please let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @MakeYourMove3D! Special thanks to @usako_chan on twitter for the information!

ETA: Found some screencaps of Derek at the judges’s panel via @BoAtheKorea! It sounds like the audition was done in LA and they were all treated to a sneak peak to a scene from “Make Your Move”!

Dancing 9

A Netherlands’ Fan Wins Tickets to See “Make Your Move 3D”

Thanks to the Girlscene website, we are posting these pictures taken by someone in the Netherlands who won tickets to see Make Your Move 3D. We are writing a loose translation from the Dutch of her comments. Please forgive us in advance for any flaws in the translation. 🙂

And make sure you head over to the Girlscene site to see the actual blog.

A Photo Blog

When Girlscene had on their website that you could win two tickets for the film ‘Make Your Move 3D’, I just had to enter. I had long forgotten that I had entered when I got an email from Girlscene: “You have won, and you may bring a girlfriend”, it briefly said. That Sunday, I went with a good friend of mine. Here’s my report of that day!

We were excited on the platform to wait for the train. It was nice and quiet!

We were on the platform at half past nine to wait for the train. It was nice and quiet!

Our train came at 8.35. LEFT ABOVE, you see how the train was empty, and RIGHT ABOVE  you see a piece of the route. After 40 minutes we arrived at the square where the Heineken hall was, and the Ziggo Dome!

Our train came. LEFT ABOVE, you see how the train was empty, and RIGHT ABOVE you see a part of the route. After 40 minutes, we arrived at the square where the Heineken hall was, and the Ziggo Dome!

At the cinema there were already many girls waiting of all different (meidensite ?) who had won tickets. The film began at 10:00 and takes a little less than 2 hours. There was only 1 man in the theatre ; - ).

At the cinema there were already many girls waiting who had won tickets. The film began at 10:00 and takes a little less than 2 hours. There was only 1 man in the theatre ; – ).

The cinema was really big! The film was 3D and really super! It was easy to follow the story. There were fun dancing (tap dancing) between scenes. But it was a cliché story. You could actually guess what would happen. Two people meet, fall in love, but the love has problems. The story, of course, has a happy ending!

The cinema was really big! The film was 3D and really super! It was easy to follow the story. There were fun dancing (tap dancing) between scenes. But it was a cliché story. You could actually guess what would happen. Two people meet, fall in love, but there are problems. The story, of course, has a ….. ending! (spoiler left out)

Number 5

It was a nice and cozy day and I would like to thank the Girlscene team for the great film and day.
xx Emma

All credit to Girlscene.