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COBU is a combination of Japanese Taiko drumming and Broadway tap dancing.
Described as “Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing”.


Make Your Move, (formerly Cobu 3D) is a movie that debuts Derek Hough (Dancing with the Stars) and BoA Kwon (Queen of Pop in Asia) in their much anticipated first starring roles in a feature film.

The movie follows Aya (played by Kwon), a young Korean dancer, who lives in New York City and is the leader of her all female dance crew, COBU. Aya falls in love with Donny (played by Hough), a gritty and edgy hoofer, who moves from New Orleans to New York to help his foster brother Nick (played by Wesley Jonathan) run one of the hottest underground dance clubs in the city.

Aya and Donny’s love story soon parallels the classic “Romeo & Juliet” love story as they find themselves at the center of a bitter rivalry between their brothers’ underground dance clubs.

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Great Article on ‘Make Your Move’s Director, Duane Adler!

Duane directing BoA and Derek in a scene

Duane directing BoA and Derek in a scene

Did you know that MAKE YOUR MOVE was Duane Adler’s first time directing a feature film? Did you know that he came up with the concept, wrote the screenplay, and found the two main leads Derek Hough and BoA? MAKE YOUR MOVE is Duane’s baby and we are so happy that the movie has finally been released so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful movie!

The Baltimore Sun published an article on Duane (who grew up in nearby Washington D.C.) Below is an excerpt from the aricle:

“I felt I was the best person to interpret this story — and as a writer, I don’t always feel that way,” says the North Carolina-born Adler, 45, who grew up in suburban Washington, D.C., and Odenton and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park.” Directing is a different beat. It’s time-consuming, it’s hard. I think you have to be really passionate if you want to go down that road. But this [story] was an idea I had, and I did want to direct it from the start.”


Adler says he’s perhaps most proud of the diverse cast he assembled for film. “Make Your Move” stars Derek Hough, of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and Korean pop-star BoA. Members of COBU appear in the film, and the supporting cast includes Will Yun Lee (CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0″) and Wesley Jonathan (TV Land’s “The Soul Man’).

“Our industry’s changing daily,” Adler says, “but there’s some trepidation when it comes to cross-cultural love stories and cross-cultural casting.”


Still, Adler is optimistic that audiences are ready to embrace such a polyglot cast in a film that centers on conflict among people, not races.

“Not one time in this movie is race an issue,” he says. “Not one time does anyone say, ‘You can’t be with that girl because she’s Asian,” or ‘You can’t be with that boy because he’s white.’

Read the rest of the article here!

Derek Hough Tidbits on ‘Make Your Move’ & Fun Instagram Video!

Check out this great interview called “5 Ways to Make Your Move with Derek Hough” from Backstage.com! In the article, Derek explains five important things that keeps him motivated in life and career.. and filming MAKE YOUR MOVE! We’ve posting our two favorites, but be sure to click on the link to read them all!

Derek's special message to fans about 'Make Your Move'

Derek’s special message to fans about ‘Make Your Move’

Go the extra mile.
“The character is a tapper, a hoofer, a street performer in New Orleans and I’ve never tapped before in my life,” says Hough. “It was actually one of the things that fascinated me about it and excited me because I knew it was going to force me to learn a new skill.” Although they offered to use stunt feet, it was important to Hough to do all the dancing himself. “I wanted every sound and every movement to be my own, and to be honest about it and to be true.” Hough trained for two and a half months, but luckily, since he was a drummer, picking up the rhythms was fairly easy.

Training gives you freedom.
In addition to his dance training, Hough studied theater in London. The training helped to give him freedom in his acting and dancing. “It’s really psychological, and [you learn] about yourself and being honest with yourself and true to how you feel in that moment.” He’s applied this technique to his acting, dancing, and choreography. “Whether I’m doing a routine where I want to move people, or if I want to feel moved myself, I definitely tap into those moments where it’s not just dancing or movement. It might just be a hand gesture or just a slow look, or even just the way you slightly tip your head forward. These subtleties speak volumes.”

Also check out this fun instagram that Derek posted today in honor of the release of MAKE YOUR MOVE. It’s a behind the scenes video at the filming of the video LET ME IN… you can see Duane Adler in there getting some action too! Haha!

Reviews, Reviews, and MORE Reviews for ‘Make Your Move’! (Critic Reviews)

We have collected a bunch of movie critic reviews that have been released recently! There are some wonderful reviews, some mixed, some not so nice… =P But most all reviewers had something positive to say about MAKE YOUR MOVE! We’ve included our favorite comments from each review, but be sure to click on the link to read the entire review… and remember, it’s all in the eye of the beholder! =)



Director Duane Adler’s energetic dance flick is bound to be dismissed as a “Step Up” wannabe. But most of that series’ recent sequels were not as good as “Make Your Move.” That’s because Adler wrote the original “Step Up” (and “Save the Last Dance”). This time, he brings an efficient, well-choreographed enthusiasm to an earnest, likable romance.


Director Duane Adler’s film is a celebration of cultural hybridization. Its core dance styles are a wonderfully frenetic fusion of tap and hip-hop and a truly novel blend of Japanese taiko drumming and K-pop girl-group choreography. In an adorable meet-cute, Donny introduces himself to Aya (BoA) by challenging her to an impromptu dance-off on top of a bar. Imagine Fred and Ginger tapping under strobe lights in club gear.



The Romeo and Juliet-inspired plotline basically serves as a framing device allowing the opportunity for a plethora of exuberant dance sequences that particularly show off Hough’s considerable talent. Although it takes a while for the main characters to hook up, Hough’s Donny seals the deal with an impromptu dance duet in which he removes his shirt to reveal his admirably chiseled torso. While the Astaire-Rogers movies used dance as a metaphor for sex, in these modern variations it’s an elaborate form of foreplay.


“Make Your Move” has an underlying sweetness that serves it well. It understands the need for community, for expression, for family. It’s kind to its characters. It features a diverse cast, accurately reflecting the dance world and its inhabitants. Adler and Middleton know that when we come to a dance movie, we want a chance to see, really see, those dances. They find a way to do just that.



Duane Adler, the writer of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” capably directs “Make Your Move,” a soapy, flashy confection that juxtaposes Mr. Hough’s tap dancing with the Japanese drumming style Taiko, tossed with liberal helpings of contemporary hip-hop moves. Mr. Hough, a “Dancing With the Stars” champion, impresses with his footwork and sufficiently fulfills his romantic-lead duties. BoA is cute and appealingly impudent, but a bit more remote.


Hough is athletic as Gene Kelly and has the beautiful lines of Fred Astaire. His beautiful spins and turns and dynamic lines outclass BoA whose hip hop is good, but not as high a level as the crews on “Step Up: 3D.” Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo’s choreography matches Hough and BoA’s disparate talents into a lyrically romantic duet sequences. Gregory Middleton’s atmospheric cinematography makes grunge look glamorous and fills us with the golden light of possibilities including multicultural friendships and romance. “Make Your Move” isn’t a great movie but feature wonderful dance sequences and maybe the first step for Derek Hough into musical stardom. Please someone give Hough a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire musical and find him a Ginger Rogers.



The sexual tention betwen Donny and Aya is hot, and if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve probably seen the dance sequence where Donny and Aya dance/undress before their sexual encounter. The way Donny takes off his shirt is HOT!! I really enjoyed covering Make Your Move! From the red carpet, to the screening, to the fabulous after party, it is a great film, with a great director and cast, and I can’t wait to hear what your thoughts are on Make Your Move!


Here is a film that truly believes in America and the spirit of diversity upon which this country was founded; its unfortunately infrequent dance sequences depict young people moving, in a guileless effort to move young people. BoA’s cultural dexterity emerges as her most evident gift—Make Your Move takes full advantage of her fame as the only Korean artist to have two separate million-selling albums in Japan (particularly impressive given the fractious history between the two countries). The film foregrounds BoA’s multi-lingual fluency, not only overlooking her mild difficulties with English, but also openly celebrating her worldliness as proof of her right to remain in America as a true New Yorker.

3 Out of 4 Stars for ‘Make Your Move’ From the Roger Ebert Group! [REVIEW]


This is a wonderful review for MAKE YOUR MOVE by Sheila O’Malley, who writes movie reviews for RogerEbert.com! If you remember, Roger Ebert was a beloved movie critic for many decades. We love how Sheila is truly a fan of dance and the art of the dance movie. Read the excerpt below, but be sure to read the full review here!


Written and directed by Duane Adler, who wrote the screenplay for the original “Step Up,” “Make Your Move” has a pretty complicated plot, involving corporate sponsorship, event planning, career moves for dancers, visa and immigration issues, not to mention various family dramas and burgeoning romance. It’s a lot to absorb. But a movie like “Make Your Move” rests on the success of its various dance sequences, not its plot. And the dancing here is exciting, innovative, and specific. Each “number” has a story behind it, a motivation, a different look and feel. Adler and his cinematographer Gregory Middleton chose to film much of the sequences using full-body shots, the camera moving with the dancers, giving us a chance to see the dancers in action, moving through space. Oftentimes, with dance movies, the camerawork and editing choices cut away from the full body, showing us different parts and gestures, trying to generate a sense of excitement and movement through the editing. It can be frustrating, especially if you grew up watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: “Let me see the whole dancer!” “Make Your Move” shows us the whole dancer. These sequences really move in a way that feels organic.

“Make Your Move” has an underlying sweetness that serves it well. It understands the need for community, for expression, for family. It’s kind to its characters. It features a diverse cast, accurately reflecting the dance world and its inhabitants. Adler and Middleton know that when we come to a dance movie, we want a chance to see, really see, those dances. They find a way to do just that.

Finishing reading this great review here!

Have You Seen “Make Your Move”? Loved It? Then Review It!

Official US Poster


The best way to help MAKE YOUR MOVE become successful (besides taking all of your friends & family to see it this opening weekend!) is to write a review of the movie on the movie websites below. We know that Derek Hough and BoA fans will enjoy this movie, but people who are on the fence about seeing the movie in the theaters might check out the reviews written by others… so let’s convince them to see it!

You might have to make accounts to post reviews for MAKE YOUR MOVE, but it will be such a big help if you can share your positive thoughts about the movie. Please try to write at least a little something on all of the websites listed below. Derek, BoA, Duane, Nappytabs, and everyone on the MAKE YOUR MOVE cast and crew worked SO HARD on this movie, so let’s support them every way that we can!

Fandango MYM

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Thank you for all your help! Go see MAKE YOUR MOVE this weekend and check out this post if the movie is playing at a movie theater near you!

Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Video of ‘Make Your Move’! See How The Dances Were Created!


We absolutely love this exclusive behind-the-scenes video that was released by Seventeen Magazine! In the video, we get a little inside look of how the dance scenes were created and the diverse music was incorporated into MAKE YOUR MOVE. We get nice interviews from Duane Adler, Derek Hough, BoA Kwon, Napleon and Tabitha D’Umo, and Yako Miyamoto!

Watch the video here!


Some quotes that are particularly notable:

Duane Adler on Derek – “Derek Hough is a freak of nature. The guy can do anything and he makes it look easy. But the secret is that he works harder than anybody that I know.”

Napoleon on BoA – “Boa is just…. She shines!! She gets tired like everyone else in rehearsals, but when it’s time to turn it on… SHE SHINES!”

Duane on BoA – “There is nobody I’d rather have in this film playing ‘Aya’ than BoA.”

Derek on BoA – “BoA….. There’s a lot of secrets I know about BoA!!! Ohh.. I’m just kidding!”

Duane on Derek & BoA – “BoA and Derek worked their ASSES off [on this film].”

Click on the screencaps in the gallery below to make the picture bigger!

Here they are! – THEATER LISTINGS for “Make Your Move” for April 18


In case you missed it, here is the list of cities showing Make Your Move this weekend.

Also, below are the listings of the theaters. In the STATUS column, CFN means confirmed, TEN is “tentative”, meaning not yet officially booked. Check the links below to determine if the movie has changed from tentative and confirmed.

Also, you can always check the links to see if there is a theater closer to you that is not on this list. Please continue to check Fandango or your preferred movie website for updated information on movie showings and whether or not Make Your Move is playing at a theater near you. Some people are reporting that they were able to buy tickets for theaters not listed here.

[Editor's note: This movie is principally being shown in 2D, a limited number of theaters are showing it in 3D.]

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.31.40 PM




This link is being continuously updated, or you can try the links below by submitting your zip code in the search box.

BoA Talks About ‘Make Your Move’ & How She Wants A Boyfriend To Treat Her!

In this new interview from Koreak Joongang Daily, BoA talks about MAKE YOUR MOVE, how she wants her boyfriend to treat her, and her next movie project! BoA also clarifies that she did not want to sing in the film because she wanted to separate herself from ‘Aya’. Check out this beautiful picture they posted with the article! Thanks to @dreamsong91 on twitter for sending us the article!


Do you think you are similar to Aya’s character?

Yes. Aya and I both are quite independent girls, and we love dance, apparently. Also, as I have spent quite a lot of time in Japan, I could relate to Aya more than anybody else. And we both have older brothers who we are very close to.

In the film, Aya says she doesn’t want a guy to control her. Do you think so too?

Definitely not [laughs]. To be honest, I want my boyfriend to control me and hold the upper hand in the relationship.

How can you compare dancing as Aya in the film to dancing on stage as BoA?

I have been a solo artist for about 14 years, so it’s kind of awkward to dance with someone else. And when that other person is a guy, it gets worse. When I first joined the film, I freaked out when Derek touched me in the dance moves. It took weeks for me to adapt to the situation [laughs]. Dancing in the film was a whole different experience since I had to convey the feelings of my character through dancing. Even when I was shooting the same scene, I could act differently depending on how I perceived Aya and Donny’s emotions. Now that I’ve tried so many different moves with Derek, I think I could dance to anything with him.

Did you think about singing in the film?

No. I did not want my image as a singer to be confused with Aya’s character, and I said so to the production team.

From last year’s KBS special drama series “Waiting for Love,” you seem to be focusing on your acting career at the moment. How’s your next film, “Big Match,” going?

“Big Match” is an action film, and I play the villain, going up against actor Lee Jung-jae in the story. It was fun to put on special makeup and fight against male characters. 

Read the rest of the interview here!


How Did BoA, Derek Hough, & the Rest of the Cast Join ‘Make Your Move’

Make Your Move Wallpaper 99b

One of the most interesting aspects of MAKE YOUR MOVE is how diverse the cast is! We found this article from backstage.com about how MAKE YOUR MOVE casting director, Alyssa Weisberg, put together our wonderful cast. Take note that BoA had been attached to the project before Alyssa came on board and that Duane Adler was already interested in Derek as the male lead!


“When Weisberg joined the project, BoA was already attached. Adler had see Hough at a taping of “Dancing with the Stars” and was already interested in him, as well. “By the time we went into pre-production, it was clear that Derek was our Donny,” Weisberg says. She also quickly cast Nick, played by Wesley Jonathan, and Kaz, played by Will Yun Lee. “Both actors gave fantastic reads!” Weisberg says.

No matter what genre Weisberg is casting, she says she looks for the same qualities. “I look for the best and most interesting actors for the roles. Finding actors who have a great presence and bring something new and fresh is such an amazing challenge.” She enjoys working with directors and producers who are “open to emerging talent and out-of-the box ideas.” Of course, with “Make the Move,” dancing was an important skill and Weisberg knew she needed actors who were great dancers for the roles of Tatianna and Natsumi, which were among the more difficult to cast.”

Read the rest of the article here!

We also found another video interview that Derek did during the MAKE YOUR MOVE press tour! Here he speaks about the movie with The Rhode Show!

List of Cities Showing “Make Your Move” this Weekend

In case you missed it, here is the list of cities showing Make Your Move this weekend. Below the chart is a link to find the theater nearest you. Even if you don’t see your city, go to the link below and check.

[Editor's note: This movie is being shown in 3D in only limited locations.]

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.31.40 PM

At this Apple Trailers link, it gives you the option to search for movie times by zipcode! Go down to FIND SHOWTIMES. Check it out and hopefully Make Your Move is coming to your town.

Please note: If the Apple Trailers link fails to show showtimes for a city that is listed on the chart, try again at a later time. This link is being continuously updated, or you can try the links below by submitting your zip code in the search box.

Remember, it’s important to go to the movie the 1st week that it opens, April 18-24. See here for our post on why this is important.